DELVE Global COVID-19 Dataset

This openly-licensed research-ready dataset consolidates country-level COVID-19 data from multiple sources. It contains cases, deaths, tests, non-pharmaceutical interventions, excess mortality, mobility statistics, weather patterns and other metadata for up to 170 countries.

Cite as: Aviskar BhoopchandAndrei PaleyesKevin DonkersNenad TomasevUlrich Paquet (2020), DELVE Global COVID-19 Dataset. Published 02 June 2020. Available from http://rs-delve.github.io/data_software/global-dataset.html.

TTI-Explorer Simulation Software

TTI-Explorer is a library for simulating infection spread. This library is built to explore the impact of various test-trace-isolate strategies and social distancing measures on the spread of COVID-19 in the UK.

Cite as: Andrei PaleyesBobby HeBryn ElesedyMichael HutchinsonSheheryar ZaidiYee Whye Teh (2020), TTI-Explorer Simulation Software. Published 27 May 2020. Available from http://rs-delve.github.io/data_software/tti-explorer.html.